Welcome to our web log. We're glad you're here, and we hope that you can learn something from us. In fact, that's the primary reason why we've started this blog. 
We want to share a little about the background from which we come. We feel that there are some things that we face that some would consider obstacles to an alternative, sustainable lifestyle, and we would like to show other young people like us that it is possible to be happy, healthy, sustainable, married (if desired), in college (again, if desired), not in debt, and even raising a child! 
If you are interested in natural healthy living, reducing environmental impact, going to college, or having a healthy marriage and children and realize that these are worthy endeavors but feel that it is too difficult, expensive, etc., then you are the person that we want to reach. 
We were both raised by conservative parents in a small city in Alabama. Stevie is a "Doctor's Kid" and experienced many of the childhood privileges that such a life entails. His parents gardened and grew some fruit trees. They also chopped their own wood for the fireplace. My family was middle class, and overall I had a happy upbringing. There were a couple of years that my family had a vegetable garden, and my dad dabbled in making hydrogen boosters for vehicles and home soap making. Otherwise, neither of our parents really encouraged a sustainable lifestyle through example. And I dare say we both came from rather average American families. We ate out often, watched lots of TV, took expensive vacations, etc. 
Stevie and I got married in August of 2010, and we were both just 19 years old. We still live in the area where we grew up. We have pretty much paid our own way through college so far. We have been awarded scholarships (it pays to make good grades in high school) and sometimes paid out of pocket. I have my Associate of Science and Associate of Arts degrees and have decided to stop there - at least for now - since I will be a new mother come December. Stephen is pursuing his Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering. 
Right now, we only work about 45 hours per week combined and make somewhere in the ball park of minimum wage. I have worked on a small family farm for over a year and now (because of pregnancy) tutor the farm owner's home-schooled children. Stevie works as a mathematics tutor for the local community college and also tutors for a private company. When we first got married, we were a little skeptical that we'd be able to "make it" on such a small income. However, we've found that the underwhelming work hours leave us with ample time to spend together and encourage us to develop skills of thrift. 
We won't share our spiritual or political preferences, because that's not what this is about. However, we will say that we are striving to be physically and spiritually healthy. This means eating good food, keeping our minds active as well as our bodies, reducing importance of material wealth, and spending lots of time with one another and with other loved ones.
One of our main focuses is to reduce our environmental impact while saving money. We feel that this is something that most anyone with enough ambition can accomplish. We have already made some small accomplishments like...eating all natural and organic foods without breaking the budget, growing some of our own food, and saving money and reducing our impact by drastically lowering energy consumption. However, we are continually trying to become more sustainable and invite you to follow us through the journey.
This blog will document our undertakings in sustainability while tying in the aspects of thrift, education, health and happiness. Subscribe via email or RSS and enjoy watching our headlong dive into the good life. We hope you'll join us.