Highly Recommended

This is where we will post recommended books, web sites and films that are not already mentioned in other blog posts. Check back now and then for new recommendations.

Web Sites:
50 Straw Bale House Plans that range in size, style and number of stories.
Free Documentaries

     Activism Web Sites:*
     Survival International - "the movement for tribal peoples"
     Amnesty International
     Cultural Survival - "partnering with indigenous peoples to defend [them]"
     Amazon Watch - "supporting indigenous peoples, protecting the Amazon"

Food, Inc.
The Business of Being Born

     Available from above "Free Documentaries" link:
     Santa's Workshop
     The Diamond Empire
     The World According to Monsanto


*I strongly encourage you to look at the activism web sites. Most of them relate to defense of indigenous peoples. These are people who are, in essence, endangered. They live the most sustainably of any of us. You can also find other activism web sites related to almost any subject that interests you, such as debt relief for developing nations, food security and safety, child birthing laws for your state, human rights, etc. All of these sites, to my knowledge, offer free campaign updates via email and you can also sign up to receive email alerts whenever action is needed on an issue. This usually involves signing an online petition or sometimes sending (pre-made for your convenience) emails or letters. It is free (with the exception of postage if you mail letters) and does not take much time. I sign up for as much of these as possible. And they do often make a difference, which you will see in campaign updates. Get involved!