Why Sustainability?

If you aren't sold on it yet, here are the major reasons why we believe sustainability is the way to go.
  1. It is better for people. Since you would be buying produce more locally, in season, and increasingly organic, the negative effects of globalization on people in developing countries (where many of the supermarket produce is imported from) would be lessened. Buying used or locally made clothing and other necessities also protests such things as waste and sweat shops. The amount of pesticides and herbicides used would also decrease, which is better for our health and for...
  2. The planet. Sustainability stewards the earth's resources well and respects nature, including animals. 
  3. Sustainability is freedom. The more we have been able to simplify our lives and rely less on particular products or services, the more stress free and content we have become. It is much easier to have good, stress-free relationships and a happy, satisfying life when you have fewer worries, more time at home to spend with the people you love, and you are healthy and active. This is the lifestyle that sustainability affords. The satisfaction of providing things for yourself, not being under the thumb of an employer or in the rat race, and having the stability that sustainability brings are all priceless things that are well worth the effort to be sustainable. 
There are many other benefits of sustainability, but these are the main ones for which we choose the lifestyle, as they are moral reasons for us.

"Waste not, want not." - Unknown Author
"He who owns little is little owned." - Unknown Author