Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY Dog Bed

We were sorting through our clothing in an effort to downsize, and some of our unwanted stuff was not nice enough to donate to the local thrift stores as we usually would. I've also been using every excuse I can to practice sewing now that I finally tried out my old Singer. During my most recent sewing fix, I made a dog bed for my terrier using old clothing.

I used a T-shirt for the cover and sewed shut the bottom, neck and one sleeve while shirt was inside-out.

After turning the shirt right-side-out, I stuffed the other old clothes in through the open sleeve. I left the sleeve open so I could stuff more things in later - old towels, ripped clothing, etc. She's got quite a fluffy little bed now. 

Pillows can also be made this way. Just use a pillow case as the cover, stuff to desired firmness with desired materials, and sew shut. 

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