How to Use Our Blog

We will be as transparent as possible so that readers can truly see what can be overcome and accomplished with a little work and a lot of will power.

Advice - We will offer general financial advice in regards to saving money and controlling spending, suggestions on pursuing post-secondary education without taking out a loan, tips about affordable entertainment, guidelines for healthy and inexpensive eating and cooking, and lessons from our experiences with sustainable living.
Inspiration - We created this weblog in order to motivate people like us from small, conservative areas to get involved with sustainability.
Resources - Although we will not include in depth how-to's to go along with our projects, we will provide links (if possible) to the sources that we use to complete our projects. We will also provide links to other resource sites and suggestions for books and films that we feel further the cause of sustainability.

Neither of us are experts on the topics we will be covering. Our way of doing things will not work as well for everyone and for some people may not work at all. We simply want to share what has worked for us and what has not and hope that you can discover some things that are helpful to you.
Our goal is to encourage people to take charge of a better, more sustainable life for themselves, despite perceived obstacles.